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Bobblehead_Arnold.jpgForget the Terminator. Now Ah-nold is the litigator. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s film production company has filed a lawsuit again tiny Ohio Discount Merchandise, claiming that its $19.95 Schwarzenegger bobble-head doll exploits his image for commercial purposes. The suit says Ahnold is an instantly recognizable celebrity whose likeness and name are worth millions and are solely his. He did not make it clear which part of the words satire or parody he did not understand.
Todd Bosley, president of the company, says the governor should lighten up. And I 100% agree that the governator is waay too full of himself: long on form, short on substance.
The company has long sold bobbleheads of public figures and celebrities. Its two biggest sellers are likenesses of Anna Nicole Smith and Jesus Christ, according to the Times.

As the business intelligence blog, Corante, points out, “One of the wonderful things about democracy is that we are able to ridicule and belittle our politicians. When politicians wield so much power it is a good thing to keep their egos somewhat in check with humorous renditions of their features. I see little reason why a 3D spring-mounted bust should receive less First Amendment protection than a political cartoon.”
Hey, my dog Sam and I are both bobble-heads and proud of it!