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Will there still be a role for PR people when press releases are transmitted to journalists via RSS feeds? That’s today’s question at The International Association of Online Communicators’week-long RSS Basics Bloginar where Bob Geller interviewed Info World columnist and blogger Jon Udell.
Udell says he stands by his blog post of two years ago that “PR agents” would become coaches and mentors, brokering connections and helping individuals within companies develop communications strategies. “Again,” said Geller, “the best of them already are.”
RSS, coupled with newswire distribution is a fine way to get out releases. But traditional press releases are dead. The PR industry as a whole has been remarkably show to adapt to and dim in its use of the Internet.
Thinking that press releases are still among PR’s principal reasons to exist is overlooking tools like search engine optimization, blogging, content sponsorships, events, email and podcasting, which most publicists don’t utilize.
Wednesday: Reid Conrad CEO of Near Time on the technology side of RSS and how marketers can use RSS and blogs for collaboration and content management.
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