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mcdonalds-global-warming.jpgMcDonald’s has given away more than 42 million miniatures of the gas-guzzling Hummer with Happy Meals. Environmental Working Group (EWG) and want them to stop. They’ve launched Ronald McHummer’s Sign-O-Matic, an interactive website that lets you write your own slogan or message about the Hummer giveaway, and display it on a McDonald’s marquee. You also can send a message to the president of the fast-food chain. I wonder how long til the lawyer letter comes.
McDonald’s has just released its third Corporate Responsibility Report, entitled “Open Doors.” Well, they’ve got the jargon down anyway:

“McDonald’s continues to open its doors with the release of the report is a transparent look at the company’s social responsibility progress.”

Yet just last week, McDonald’s came under fire from bloggers for refusing to run negative comments about the Hummer giveaway on its ironically named “Open for Discussion” blog on social responsibility. The comments were closed for a while, then opened after the blogswarm.
Dear McDonald’s: you can’t have it your way anymore. Oops! That’s Burger King’s slogan.