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rocketboom.jpgJournalist Paul Berger’s blog, reports that Rocketboom producer Andrew Baron and presenter Amanda Congdon are about to find out how much an ad at the end of a Rocketboom segment is worth. The site gets about 130,000 downloads a day.
Next week they will auction off Rocketboom’s first week of advertising on eBay.

The winning bidder will have to give creative control to Congdon and Baron, who will produce the ads themselves. They’ll also reserve the right to reject ads advertisers insist on making themselves.
Smart moves by Rocketboom. Having run a wildly successful blog ad campaign for the Up Your Budget Treasure Hunt I created for Budget Car Rental, I can tell you categorically that traditional advertising simply does not work on blogs.
Advertising agencies, who are still scratching their heads about blogs, want to approach blog ads with the same heavy hand they use for in-your-face advertising online.. Blog readers give traditional advertising a bronx cheer, ignoring it.
Getting blog readers to click on an ad takes edgy, slightly weird, definitely non-traditional advertising that – like blog content – has to engage and interest readers.
I can’t wait to see how Rocketboom approaches advertising. I’m sure it will be as fresh and fun as the daily vlog.