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amanda.jpgAmanda Congdon announced today that she’s been fired from Rocketboom because of unreconcileable differences with her partner, Rocketboom producer Andrew Baron. She’s heading to LA, and she says she’ll be back soon. I sure hope so. Hey, maybe she’ll hook up with Scoble.
Amanda Congdon IS Rocketboom, which certainly is a unique phenomenon.
RocketBoom has enjoyed huge and well-deserved success, approximately 300,000 daily downloads, distribution via Tivo and $40,000 per week in advertising revenue. There are national cable shows with smaller audience share. And Rocketboom is more creative and fresh than any news show on any channel.
Video Podcasting News has a transcript of Congdon’s announcement .
Hey Amanda, we miss you too. But I’m sure you’ll do great things. The only part I don’t get is why you’d wanna move to LA. Yecch.