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new_rocketboom.jpgRocketboom 2.0 has launched. “Interim” host, Joanne Colan (a former VJ for MTV Europe) made a cautious and unremarkable debut. Boy she looks like Amanda Congdon at first glance. But she’s not as edgy. Hopefully, everyone will cut her some slack for a few days while she gets her personna on straight.
Colan’s debut episode began with a tomatoes flying at her, acknowledging how hard it is to replace someone as popular as Congdon. After the barrage ended, Colan graciously tipped her hat to Congdon.
The first spot sends Colan into the streets of Manhattan to pay homage to blogger Kyle MacDonald trading one red paperclip for a house. It was cute, but Rocketboom is going to need to be more than cute to maintain 300,000 downloads a day.
Andrew Baron, Rocketboom’s producer, writes on the site’s front page, “best wishes amanda you will always be welcome back,” and links to her Amanda Unboomed blog. Hey, it’s a little late to start acting like a mensch.