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Robert Scoble posts in The Red Couch on lessons he’s learned about corporate blogging. Here are the highlights of what he wrote.
Bloggers, print this out and put it next to your keyboard:
1. Corporate bloggers need to be careful of superlatives.
2. …whenever I post I think about how I’ll justify my post to my boss, my wife, my readers, the execs, my coworkers. I imagine how that post will look on the front of the New York Times.
3. When people are yelling at you and you aren’t sure what to do, stop. Stop posting. Don’t push back. Listen.
4. Don’t post when you’re pissed.
5. If you posted it and you pull it down, it’s too late. Someone will have seen it. Search engines will have cached it.
6. If you make a mistake, admit it. Say you’re sorry. Fix it. Make a penance. Link to people who are talking about you or the mistake.
7. Make sure you properly represent all the points of view.
8. Get into real space as fast as possible. Text is so easily misunderstood. Why not do an audio or video podcast?
9. Overcommunicate.
10. Offer yourself up for additional questions.