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like.jpgLooking for jeans with rhinestone pockets that you saw on your favorite celebrity in a magazine? New visual search engine can find them and dozens of others like them., whose face recognition photo search I have always found more than a little creepy, has just launched Yay! A viable business model!’s search compares that item’s shape, color, texture and details to those of millions of similar items’ online images and shows the best matches.

Michael Arrington has background here
Here’s a demo of, which currently searches from photos for similar jewelry, handbags, shoes, watches, and, soon, clothing.
Like can find items that look similar and that are tagged the same way. It gives you the ability to zero in on certain features and find other products that have them and then buy the exact style, color, size and features at the price point you sought.
Robert Scoble notes that Riya paid $100K for the URL. He interviewed Munjal Shah, Riya’s CEO here