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Blog_babe.jpgKirsten Osolind Re:Invention Inc. blog has voted me one of the top five Business Blogging Babes. I am greatly honored to be in the company of the dynamic women on her list.
“The best bloggers – and the very best women entrepreneurs – don’t have to hide under an “ultra-professional cloak.” That is SOOOO 1980s. The true successes in this world aren’t afraid to show a little skin (i.e., a little character). Can you imagine someone telling Donald Trump, Jack Welch, Bill Gates, Michael Dell, or Richard Branson to shape up and be a little bit more conservative, toned down, and polished? Nah. I didn’t think so.”
The Business Blogging Babes list:
Evelyn Rodriguez – Crossroads Dispatches
Halley Suitt – Halley’s Comment
Jory DesJardins – Pause
Yvonne DiVita – Lipsticking
B.L. Ochman – What’s Next?