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Pale_Male.jpgThe coop board of 927 Fifth Avenue has saddened and enraged many New Yorkers with the totally idiotic decision to remove the nest of Pale Male and Lola, two red tails hawks who have nested for the past 9 years on the 12th floor of the tony Upper East Side coop.
I saw the hawks in Central Park two weeks ago, when they killed a pigeon. They are huge, (4 ft. wing span) kinda scary, and quite magnificent. Central Park doesn’t need more pigeons or rats. But it does need these incredible birds.
Says Pale Male’s Website: “all today Pale Male and Lola can be seen flying around in small circles and standing on their bare nest site with meagre twigs in their mouth ready to repair. However the very important spikes [inserted by the building to support the nest]are missing and the twigs won’t hold. Who will tell these innocent animals what our fellow humans have done to them?”
I called the City’s 311 number who said they will put my complaint into the Mayor’s Correspondance unit. They gave me a report number and welcomed me to call back for a status report. Call them!!!!
UPDATE: Park workers and the hundreds of people walking with their dogs off leash in Central Park this morning were uniformly distressed over the hawks’ plight. Several suggested that we should carry bird seed and spread it in front of 927 Fifth to attract pigeons.
Pale Male and Lola spent the night circling forlornly around their former nest. The last time he was displaced, Pale Male did not mate for two years.
Personally, I wish them a plague of flying rats.