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Photos showing a suspicious bump on the President’s back during the first debate are fueling persistent reports by bloggers that Bush is receiving instructions through an earpiece about what to say during public appearances. There’s even, an entire website devoted to the topic. Today for the first time, the Bush campaign broke its silence on the topic in response to a query from Rory O’Connor and the MediaChannel.

Dave Lindorff writes in Salon, ” Now there is evidence that he may have been-in an electronic way-by having cues and lines fed to him through a hidden high-tech earpiece.
If Bush wore a hidden earpiece to cheat in this way during his first debate with John Kerry (however unsuccessfully), it is urgent that the fraud be exposed before the election.
Official denial via Mark McKinnon, Bush campaign media director, is now on the record, proving once again that bloggers are a force to be reckoned with.
As for whether we really do have a Milli Vanilli president, the answer at this point has to be, God only knows.