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second_life_logo.pngAs of this post, more than 1,100 Second Life residents and entrepreneurs have signed Project Open Letter, which asks Linden Lab to deal with persistent technical problems precipitated by rapid growth before it rolls out new features. The letter warns that “confidence is steadily being eroded” among the business community.
The metaverse has been plagued with crashes, functionality issues, transaction problems and a myriad of other glitches related to its rapid growth. The letter, which is being sent today, seems a fair and honest effort to work with Linden, and is traveling fast across the web.
“Ultimately,” says the letter, “it comes down to wanting Second Life to survive and to flourish, not to continue to languish under current conditions. It is something that benefits all of us, and Linden Lab especially. It is much easier to retain customers when things work as promised.”
The letter has already gained the attention of mainstream media, via Reuters in-world bureau and a CNet blog post.
Says Second Life site Metaversed: “I still think it’s whiney, but im impressed with the traction it’s getting, and I do sympathize, at least a little, with the cause.”