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Releases_From_Hell_2004_COVER.jpgExpanded Edition PRESS RELEASES FROM HELL AND HOW TO FIX THEM
* How to get media coverage for your business now.
* Quickly and easily learn to re-write your releases and emails so reporters jump on them
NEW! 15 Before and After examples of Press Releases and email pitch letters that will get editors’ attention.
NEW! Press Release Writing Guidelines: 7 guidelines that will help you write power packed releases that get results.
NEW! Press Release Check List: 20 questions you should answer before you send out a press release.
NEW! A full range of b-to-b and b-to-c examples are included.
“Instead filling pages with long boring expositions about what to do, B.L. Ochman makes learning how to rewrite a press release simple and fun.
It’s kind of like seeing before-and-after dieting pictures. Only, these are real-life examples you can put to use for your own PR right away.”
Anne Holland
Marketing Sherpa

48 pages
15 real-life examples
100% Money Back Guarantee