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happy_crack.jpgHere’s a press release from hell that invokes the blogosphere to make itself sound newsworthy, then blows it. Happy Crack is a St. Louis, MO-based foundation repair company. Their mascot is Mr. Happy Crack (left) and their slogan is “A dry crack is a happy crack.” That’s very funny and surely there is an angle somewhere that would require a press release. This isn’t it. This release is just a bunch of the hot air so typical of PR.
Ban the 695-word Press Release
The release says that bloggers are writing about Mr. Happy Crack, but doesn’t name them, or give examples. Not only that, the damn release is 695 words long.
Note to Happy Crack flack: there will NEVER be a reason for you to write a 695 word press release. In fact, I suggest that releases of this length be permanently banned. Starting now.