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cialis.jpgControversy is developing over whether the blog, Cialis Online is an official blog of Lilly ICOS, manufacturer of the anti-impotence pill; a fake that makes unauthorized use of the company logo; or fodder to promote a healthcare marketing blog written by Fard Johnmar, who emailed me about what he calls a “full-scale war.” I wouldn’t go that far, but the story is interesting.
The infrequently updated Cialis blog has been online since 2004, but it hasn’t been updated since Nov. 2005. Johnmar says that Lily spokesperson Kindra Strupp says the Cialis blog ” is not an official site sponsored by Lilly or ICOS.”
It is not clear why the issue only came up now, in Brandweek and on other blogs. But Johnmar makes a good point when he notes that whether companies blog or not, they should monitor the blogosphere to ensure they know what is being said about their products.
A commenter on Pharma Marketing Blog says “This is an obvious attempt to hijack the Cialis brand to some other purpose. I would guess that all of the posts in the blog are copy-paste ripoffs from other sources just to have some posts.”
It remains to be seen what steps Lily will take.