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My friend Judy Vorfeld has close family members in the Hualalai Mountain area of the Big Island. In fact, she visited them in August. She was relieved to learn that they are okay, and that there’s no structural damage to their home, although lots of dry walls cracked. These are pictures of the damage their house sustained.

Their report:

“The earthquake was pretty intense and fairly long-20-25 seconds. I was concerned that we might be having an eruption [of a nearby live volcano] … No sign of eruption. The cats were badly spooked and the chickens had all disappeared too.
Inside the house was a mess with lots of stuff fallen off shelves. The office was pretty good with not much stuff displaced. No real structural damage but lots of drywall cracks. We got power here in about 1/2 hour but Honolulu was black until late last night.
Apparently some rather large landslides along the Hamakua Coast and down near the Captain Cook monument, which was destroyed”