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rocketboom_crash.jpgThe Rocketboom cybersoap saga continues. Yesterday, Rocketboom’s site promised the first segment starring Joanna Colan, who’s replacing the delightful Amanda Congdon who’s signed with Hollywood’s Endeavor Agency, would be online today. Well, yesterday, actually. Whew! Got that?
But today, Rocketboom executive producer Andrew Baron’s message on the site says:

“…I have tried to get the episodes up and running as soon as possible, though I am not comfortable with the way they are going yet…. It’s easy enough to recreate the same thing, the challenge here is to do the next.”

Baron hired hired Colan, former MTV Europe VJ (and former music/DJ curator at Table 50) to replace Amanda, who says she was fired.
I don’t think it would be easy, or smart, to try to recreate the same thing. That’s what makes network news so boring. All the talking heads do the same act.
The Endeavor Agency, which signed Congdon, represents TV and film stars such as Lisa Kudrow, Chris Rock and Adam Sandler.