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How come, we asked on Feb. 15th, nobody gave Cheney a breath test or a took a blood alcohol level?

Today, several thousand posts here and here point back to Doug Thompson’s Capitol Hill Blue, which claims that Secret Service Agents who were with Cheney when he shot Harry Whittington say Vice President Dick Cheney was “clearly inebriated” at the time of the Quailgate shooting.
The Smoking Gun website notes that the Texas sheriff finally got around to releasing eyewitness reports of the shooting, but reports that there “still seems to be some disagreement over whether alcohol was consumed by the hunting party.”
Quailgate isn’t over til it’s over, even thought the White House really wants us to move on. There’s certainly more to come.

Says Dave Lindy on NYC Indy Media,

By the way, compare our brave and noble VP’s response to his own shooting of a friend to the way Franklin Roosevelt responded to someone being shot and injured during an attempt on his own life. This from Richey Hope of Hinsdale, IL, whose own grandfather was the shooting victim:
When Giuseppe Zangara, an anarchist and immigrant, emptied his revolver at President-elect FDR (during a motorcade in 1933), he wounded five people, including my great-grandfather, Mayor Anton J. Cermak of Chicago. Roosevelt had been speaking via microphone from the back of his open limousine to a crowd of about 15,000 at a park. Cermak had been speaking to FDR while standing on the running board, and fell wounded to the ground. The Secret Service, not even knowing the number of shooters, immediately started to drive off. Roosevelt looked back, saw Cermak on the ground, and courageously ordered the Secret Service to back up the car. FDR then had the Mayor, his one-time political enemy, placed in the back with him, and held him all the way to the hospital. What FDR did was especially brave when one considers that because of his lower paralysis he was, in effect, trapped in that open car.

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