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BlogBurst is offering the blog content of invited blogs to online versions of newspapers including the San Francisco Chronicle, Washington Post, and the Houston Chronicle. Bloggers will receive a byline and attribution or a link back to the blog.
Pluck, the social media service company which announced the service, initially said bloggers would be expected to blog for glory, but Search Engine Journal reports that the company now promises “there definitely will be a compensation option for bloggers.”
Blogging has a lot to do with how I make a living these days, and anything that generates more traffic to the blog is welcome, as long as there is compensation involved. I am sure a lot of other bloggers will feel the same way. That said, it sounds like a good opportunity for citizen journalists to broaden their reach.
It’s a good deal for the papers: they don’t have to create their own blog content or worry about comment or trackback spam, and they can take advantage of bloggers’ ability to break stories that MSM often overlooks.