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Information overloaded? You’re certainly not alone. It’s almost impossible to keep up with all there is to read and now, with podcasts, listen to. (That’s why I’m still ignoring podcasts: I still like to sleep a few hours a night.)
Blog search engines are all organized differently, and none, in my opinion, is particularly robust. I have 125 blogs in my Bloglines RSS feeds, and many days I don’t get to all of them. I read three newspapers a day, and get a hundred newsletters and magazines. Arggh!
Now there are blog carnivals trying to keep up with posts and blogs within narrow subject areas. Basically, a blogger hosts a moderated aggregate blog like Anita Campbell’s Carnival of the Capitalists or the one for NYC fashion week.
If were a VC, I’d be looking at better ways to search, rate and quantify blogs.
hat tips to Joan Stewart and Tris Hussey