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china_air.pngChina, to put it mildly, has an image problem. And the Chinese government’s most recent ham-handed stunt isn’t going to solve the problem.

UPDATE: Uh Oh! I screwed up. Big-time. As several commenters noted, China Air is actually owned by the Taiwan (Republic of China) not China (People’s Republic of China). I am embarrassed, to say the least. But I still call for a boycott of Chinese made and Chinese-sourced goods, based on the fact that we can’t tell the country of origin of products we buy. And clearly, those from the People’s Republic of China are unsafe.

By now you know that a China Air plane exploded on the runway last week at Naha Airport in Okinawa and, miraculously, all 165 people aboard escaped unharmed. Passengers slid down emergency chutes to escape and the crew jumped out the cockpit window to safety.
A Desperate Attempt to Protect the Brand
What you might not have heard is that as soon as the fire was out, officials from China Airlines covered their logo with a thick coat of white paint.
Apparently officials thought they could literally white wash over the name and logo to limit further damage to its image.
And the airline had official government sanction for their actions. It’s not like they made the decision alone. China’s Land, Infrastructure and Transport Ministry’s Aircraft and Railway Accidents Investigation Commission officials granted the request, judging that it would not hinder the investigation into the accident.

Obviously, this isn’t a random incident. China is the country that brings us poison pet food, poison toothpaste, poison children’s medications, and most recently, poisoned toys. And those are just the products we know about.
China Trade Boycott is Necessary
I do not want to buy another item made in China, assembled in China, or containing ingredients from China unless and until there is a way to actually guarantee that they are safe.
The problem is, we don’t know the country of origin of ingredients of the products we buy, and we have no way to know the quality of those ingredients even if we did.
Our too-much-ain’t-enough economy creates the demand for all the cheap crap that floods the shelves of Wal-Mart, etc. But that doesn’t absolve them, the manufacturers and importers of Chinese products, our government, or China’s government from responsibility.
Have you heard a candidate with a position on how to insure the safety of imported goods? I haven’t. We’re on our own here folks.
I don’t care what the PR campaign that you know is coming up says, money talks and it’s time for a trade boycott.
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