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pepsi.pngPepsi’s new “Design Our Pepsi Can Contest” offers $10,000 for the re-design of its soda can. Consumers create and enter their design on the site, where the public will be able to vote on a winning design that will be featured on 500 million Pepsi cans.
It’s “the first time in history” that this has been done, crows the contest site. Helloooo Pepsi: Jones Soda has been letting consumers design labels and name flavors since 2000. And Jones has a community, blogs, sponsored events and much more. Which is why young people drink Jones Soda and not Pepsi.
Never Use These Words
Here, by the way, are some words that should never be used in contests, promotions, ads or press releases:
– first
– only
– biggest
– smallest
– best
– greatest
There is always someone ready to point out something that is newer, bigger, smaller, better or greater.