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Sammy_Beach2_04_.jpgMatthew (Uncle Matty) Margolis, who hosts a dog show on PBS, apparently doesn’t know a lot about dogs. The Daily News, reporting on a stray dog who rescued an abandoned baby girl in Kenya, quoted Margolis saying “You’re talking about instinctual behavior. It probably picked it up like a wolf would pick up a cub.” Any dog owner can tell you that’s dead wrong!
You can’t tell me there’s nothing more than instinct going on when that mother dog picked up the baby, brought it to where she was sheltering her puppies, and saved it from certain death.
That’s my dog Sam in the picture. He was a Therapy Dog for seven years. We worked as a volunteer team with cerebral palsy and autistic children at a special ed class in Manhattan. And I can tell you that the bond between them was remarkable. We even had a miracle, when a seven year-old boy we visited for two years said his first words: “hello dog.”
There’s much more than instinct in the love between dogs and humans. Any dog expert who doesn’t see that just isn’t watching.
Photo B.L. Ochman, Photo Transformation, Digifeld