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Steve Rubel has a cool idea today: write a letter to Oprah and suggest that she have bloggers on her show to tell her vast audience about citizen journalism.
I’ve been a guest on Oprah three times, so she knows I can talk in front of a camera and I’d be a good guest. :>)
You can submit a suggestion to her staff online. Many guests to get on the show through the site.
Here’s a pitch letter you can copy and send to Oprah’s producers:
Dear Oprah:
Your show has done so much to introduce new ideas to millions who watch you, so I’m writing to suggest that you do a segment about the worldwide phenomenon of blogging — easy to use online journals that eight million people now use to discuss everything from recipes to politics, motherhood, news and any other subject you can imagine.
These “citizen journalists” have a big influence on public opinion and news today. For instance, as you’ve probably read, bloggers played a major role in the demise of Dan Rather and Trent Lott.
At Microsoft, more than 1400 employees who blog help to give the company a human voice, and hundreds of CEOs are blogging for the same reason. Teachers, mothers, small business people, authors and celebrities blog too.
In fact, Oprah! You need a blog. Lots of celebrities, including Rosie, have them.
I blog at [blog name and url] on the topic of [subject.] I’d be happy to help you find bloggers who can explain the phenomenon in plain, non-geeky language, and tell your viewers how they can join this revolution.
You can reach me via [email] or telephone [number.]
Thanks for your attention.
[Your name]