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According to, only 10 percent of the Amry’s 110,000 Humvees are armored.
The injuries soldiers are sustaining from schrapnel [sic] are often horrendous and life-altering. Unarmored Humvees are said to be death traps responsible for 25 percent of casualties. And yet Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld had the balls to tell the troops not to complain about their equipment when he visited them the other day.
The New York Daily News reports that while 1300 GIs have died on the battlefield, 10 times as many have been wounded — 10,726 to date.
In World War II, 30 percent of injured soldiers died. In Vietnam, that number dropped to 24 percent. Advances in surgical team treatment have increased the number who survive today. Doctors save life before limb, and the number of amputations is great.
Anti-war Vietnam veteran Winston Warfield, sent a link to a website that “provides a reality jolt to what it means in the media when it reports that such-and-such soldier was wounded when his/her Humvee was struck by an IED. This is what these soldiers dread, and why they are riled up about having to ride in vehicles which won’t keep out bullets, high-velocity metal fragments, blast and heat.”