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An interesting article by J.D. Lasica in USC Annenberg School of Journalism’s Online Journalism Review reports on why bloggers are gaining more trust as news and opinion sources.
You know where bloggers stand on an issue; they tend to have deep knowledge of and experience in the niches about which they write; they link to documents, sources and evidence to support their theories; and they acknowledge their mistakes.
And David Weinberger, of the Joho blog, cautions that the size of a blog’s readership does not necessarily correspond with its value or veracity.

Technorati has just released an “attention index” that offers the first comparison between news sites’ and bloggers’ authority in the blogosphere. (The more people who link to you, the greater your authority.) Several popular blogs, including Boing Boing, Instapundit and Scripting News score higher than traditional media including The Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, FOX News, and the BBC.
A survey of 10,000 blog readers earlier this year conducted by Blogads’ Henry Copeland found that 61 percent of respondents found blogs to be “more honest” than other media outlets.