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By B.L. Ochman

Here’s my new favorite blog: Bent Objects by Terry Border. This is his latest artwork: Marilyn, and it’s filled with object lessons for marketers.

Border is also the author of Bent Objects: the secret life of everyday objects.

Here’s why Terry Border’s work tickles me so:

  • his work is completely clear
  • he has a wonderful sense of humor
  • he makes his work look simple
  • his work is edgy and a little dark
  • he believes in his idea enough to keep at it over time
  • he is open about his creative process, which includes lots of coffee
  • he doesn’t take himself too seriously
  • he regularly interacts with his fans in several social channels
  • The qualities of great marketing
    And if you ask me, all those qualities also are qualities of great marketing.
    Dear marketers: lighten up, have a sense of humor, be open and accessible. Read Terry Border regularly for inspiration.