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big_sale.jpgThe NYC Transit Workers Union has agreed to go back to work while arbitrators resolve contract issues that led to a strike three days ago. Between 10 and 18 hours will be needed to get the city’s buses and subways running normally again according to the MTA website.
Everybody paid
It has been a royal pain in the butt to get around the city the past three days. Workers — who could ill-afford to go without pay – at restaurants, stores, offices who couldn’t get to work from outer boroughs have lost wages, and many businesses have had to close and lose revenues.
Christmas, undoubtedly, is ruined for most merchants. Huge 50% off signs, not normally seen until January, already are plastered on stores along all the avenues.
Stupid Traffic Plans Made it Worse
We New Yorkers, as always, did the best we could to get where we had to go. And, thankfully, there was no snow, sleet or hail to make it worse.
It sucked, and that’s all there is to it. Neither side made any sense by allowing things to get to the point of a strike. The City’s decision to leave both Fifth and Madison Avenues open only for emergency vehicles, instead of creating up and downtown lanes on one avenue, snarled automobile traffic to a pathetic crawl. No provisions were made for bike riders, who risked their lives just being on the roads.
The strike hurt transit workers, who’ll have to deal with resentment for months; businesses, and — most of all — ordinary New Yorkers who count on public transit to get to work, school, doctor appointments, home, parties, dates, theatres and Christmas shopping.