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annotated-NYT.jpgRafat Ali reports that The New York Times has purchased Blogrunner’s and its annotated version of the paper. Martin Nisenholtz, sr. VP, digital operations for the Times told Ali that they are adding the annotated Times to their website.
The Times paid the fire sale price of only $40 million for’s 500-blog network last Febuary. At the time, the paper said the deal gave it the 12th largest Internet presence “and a platform for future online growth.” But it’s been slow to add content, change the format, or expand’s visibility through its site.
So far, with the exception of David Pogue’s blog, the Times’ blogs are lackluster, and not well-promoted.
And why is there no link (at least that I can find) from the Times’ home page to its blogs or its podcast, which is available only from iTunes?
So, NY Times, what’s taking you so long A year is seven dog years and 10 Internet years. What are you afraid of?