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The New York Times takes a look at PR’s image problem in an unremarkable cover story in the Sunday Business section. There’s never been any love lost between journalists and publicists, and today the Times also takes a few pot shots at bloggers and Internet media.
They quote the old guard of PR: Howard Rubenstein, Richard Edelman, even trotting out PR pioneer Ivy Lee, who was disgraced when it was revealed that he handled PR for Nazis. Not a single blogger is quoted, nor any specialist in Internet marketing and PR.
“P.R. has a P.R. problem,” Brenda J. Wrigley, an associate professor of public relations at Syracuse University says. “This has to be seen against a very partisan political background in which both parties are doing anything they can to get points of view across at a time when almost anyone can start blogging and call themselves a journalist,” she added.
The article continues, “Public relations specialists are scrambling to adjust to a time in which the Internet revolution and a boom in alternative media sources are rewriting the parameters of the communications industry and challenging traditional sources of authority. So, despite an avalanche of freely available information, the truth is becoming harder to discern.”
I guess it was a slow news week at the Times.