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In a full-page story about blogging, The New York Daily News reports on blogger firings and notes that blogger rights are becoming a workplace issue. The story quotes the digital rights organization, The Electronic Frontier Foundation saying that workplace bloggers “just need to use a bit of common sense.”
EFF recommends that workplace bloggers keep gripes anonymous, which strikes me as a bad idea. I think almost all job gripes are best kept offline and never put in writing. Emails, blog and forum posts certainly can come back to haunt. Ask Enron.
What’s exciting about the article, on page 8 in the main news section, is that it takes blogging seriously unlike much mainstream media. It explains what blogs are; says there are 8 million U.S. blogs online, with 25% of Internet users reading blogs and 12% commenting on them; tells how to start your own blog; and gives the links to some popular blogs, including ones by New York City school teachers.