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I really hate when a company offers me a free trial and then makes me practically pledge my first born to get it. That’s why I am going to take a pass on Northern Light’s supposedly free trial.
Back from the 2001 dot.bomb graveyard, business research service Northern Light’s 30-day “free” sub is one of those involved registrations where you first have to give your credit card info and lots of other information, and sign a huge terms agreement. No thanks. You want to give me free, give me free. I’ll stick with LexisNexis. At least I know they’ll be around in a year.
LexisNexis, leading provider of legal, news and business information services, searches more than 6,000 of the world’s leading news sources from the past 2 years at $3 per search. Know your source? Click the Search Additional Sources tab to select from more than 20,000 sources dating as far back as 1968.
Northern Light, is asking new and former subscribers to pay $50 a month for a sub to their database of business and news information.