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Nokia PR people have created the Nokia Nseries N90 Blogger Relations Blog site. The “blogger relations site” is one of the first to utilize blog software for a press room. I wish it did a better job of it. Instead it’s filled with corporate speak and press releases disguised as blog posts.
The Nokia N80 is a 3 megapixel digital camera,email, an MP3 player, personal organizer, game console and WLAN connectivity.
“Here you will find blogger and media information that you can repurpose and utilize in your blog postings about the N90,” says Andy Abramson, who writes all the blogger relations posts and appears to be the PR person. No press contacts are listed, so who knows who he is?
Relations? Those are two way. On deadline or in the midst of writing a blog post and want to call someone for an answer or an interview? Fuhgetaboutit. Send an email and they’ll “get back to you with 24-48 hours.”
Abrahamson writes that “The difference with this program is we’re making it easy for the bloggers to have access the products and the official information.” I guess he means those things that are called press releases? “We’re treating them and valuing them like members of the press and we’re engaging with them, by communicating with them and working with them.” Can you say Cluetrain?
Stowe Boyd at Corante is one of the bloggers (what am I, chopped liver?) who was given a free Noka N90 video camera phone to evaluate.
He says he wouldn’t hestitate to say the phone was crap if it was, but that it is actually pretty cool.
I hope the phone has more new and notewworthy features than the blogger relations site.