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Want to send a letter to the editor of the New York Times through their website? Go here. Got something to say to the editor of the Wall St Journal through their website? Go here. Got a gripe with an article in Fortune? Go here. Forbes? Send email here.
Want to send a letter to the editor of Business Week through their website? You can’t. No email address, no form is available for readers to contact reporters.
So I called Business Week Editor-in-Chief Stephen Shephard’s office (212) 512.3896 to ask how to email a letter to the editor. The woman who answered the phone said “We can’t give you an email address. The best thing to do is to put a letter in the mail.”
So Business Week has a blog. They talk the talk. They walk the walk. But their website screams old media.
Now Baker says he’ll check his notes. Developing.
UPDATE: There is a link on the Business Week site allowing you to write a letter to the editor. Heather Greene emailed it to me after I emailed her and Baker and asked for a link. I still can’t find it through the site, but it IS there. It’s three clicks into “Customer Service” — which is not listed in the standard way in the page navigation links at top or bottom — instead of “Contact Us”, which is where every other media site I’ve looked at has the link.
Argggh! Comments are acting screwy. The vagaries of Moveable Type. Liz Erk wrote:
Well, the good thing is that he at least acknowledged your post about it… maybe he’ll be able to get a correction through: