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A Nielsen/Net Ratings survey reports that 11 percent of blog readers who claim to read blogs regularly or occasionally use RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to sort through the 20 million plus blogs now online. That’s great, but clearly RSS is a long way from mainstream.
Among the other respondents to Nielsen’s “Understanding the Blogosphere” survey 23 percent understood RSS but did not use it, while 66 percent either did not understand the technology or had never heard of it. Nielsen surveyed 1,000 participants who had previously visited blog sites.
Significantly, Nielsen recommends that advertisers should look to blogs as a way to organically grow trends by leveraging the role of bloggers as peer influencers. “By associating their message with the blog’s image, advertisers can legitimize new trends they are hoping to promote to a niche audience,” says a Nielsen press release about the survey.
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