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WordtrackerCoverPR.jpgWordtracker’s, new Keyword Research Guide asks nine leading search marketers how they would use the software for find the best keywords to optimize the website and advertising of a fictional vegetarian dog food company. I’m honored to say that I’m included. The guide is available for download, gratis.
The Wordtracker Keyword Guide features case studies from:
* Bryan Eisenberg – Convert more traffic using Wordtracker.
* B. L. Ochman – Understand your customers’ real motivations.
* Kevin Lee – Combine thousands of phrases for an effective PPC campaign.
* Stephen Mahaney – Use Wordtracker to find the size of the market.
* Ken McGaffin – Discover the most important sites in your marketplace.
* John Alexander – Find inspiration in Wordtracker’s Top 1,000 Words report.
* Neil Davidson – Learn how an ad agency uses keyword research to position a client.
* Robin Good – Use Wordtracker to identify niche opportunities.
* Nick Usborne – Incorporate keywords into your content and copy.
Wordtracker can be confusing. Seeing how experts use it to keep their clients’ sites at the top of the search engine results pages wil help you understand how you can apply their strategies to your own website.