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tila.pngJust when it seemed network TV couldn’t get any less relevant, here comes a show that lowers the programming bar even further – the Tila Tequila Bi-Sexual Dating Show on MTV.
MTV is not about music anymore. It’s just another schlock network that is wondering where the viewers went.
Time for MTV to get back to its roots!
MTV used to be about music. And there’s still a place for a network about music. One that plays independent artists, and which actually launches new talent.

Tila “I’m no girl next door, I’m the bitch down the street” Tequila, calls herself “the biggest online phenomenon since Google,” on her MySpace page, where she claims to have more than 2 million friends. Perhaps it helps that she not wearing much in most of the photos. Ya think?
How the Tequila show works: 16 straight men and 16 lesbian women will live in Tila’s house and compete to impress her. Each week, she’ll give some of those prospective suitors the boot. But really, who cares? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
What the world needs now is creative, original programming that takes advantage of multi-media opportunities. Or is that just a ridiculous, idealistic wish?