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New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg has announced that he (really, really) won’t be running for President.
It was fun and interesting to play a small role in the draft Bloomberg campaign, and to get a little glimpse of the frantic craziness of behind the scenes political consulting.
The nation needs an independent party for those of us disillusioned with endless electioneering, can’t-tell-em-apart-candidates, and mass media bullshit that nobody seems able to counter effectively.
I am certain that Bloomberg will play a vocal role in making issues prominent in the coming campaign, and I’d be delighted to help make his views widely known in the online community.
Having just heard a sound bite of President Bush declaring “I don’t think we are heading into a recession,” while writing this, I can only say that I will support and vote for whoever wins the Democratic nomination – and would vote for Mickey Mouse if he was a Democrat.
Bloomberg statement here. Posted by B.L. Ochman