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Media Post: PUBLIC RELATIONS FIRM EDELMAN HAS once again roiled the blogosphere
Chris Abraham: Andy Sernovitz of WOMMA Blames the Victims in Edelman Controversy
Andy Sernovitz: I was misquoted by MediaPost
For the record: I was quoted absolutely correctly by Media Post. :>)
eCommerce News: In what marks one of the new year’s first public relations blunders, Microsoft’s (Nasdaq: MSFT) Latest News about Microsoft move to buddy up with bloggers has backfired.
CIO Today: Microsoft: People love it or hate it. When the world’s largest software Relevant Products/Services maker recently sent free laptops preloaded with Windows Vista to 90 bloggers, the act did little to bulk up its list of friends.
The questions that remain:
– How will reviews by the bloggers who got the freebies be identified by Microsoft in advertsing and marketing
– Will Edelman finally get a clue on how the blogosphere works? This wasn’t the first time they ran into an ethical problem on Microsoft PR