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barbiesite.pngAlthough the website’s been down for hours, and the company press release has the wrong URL, Mattel today launched the Barbie Girls community, its first big new Barbie concept for the 48 year-old doll in four years. Kind of surprising that the world’s largest toy company would do a launch and its IT people are not able to keep the site live! What’s up with that?
The new Barbie site brings together Web surfing, shopping and music downloads — territory already successfully occupied by Webkinz, My Scene Everything Girl, Club Penguin and others. All require real credit cards for purchases.
Nonetheless, Mattel’s breathless press release describes the site as “the first global, virtual online world designed exclusively for girls. At BarbieGirls.comSM girls can create their own virtual character, design their own “room,” shop at the mall, play games, hang out and chat live with other girls.” Rumor has it that Barbie will soon turn up in a virtual world of her own.
barbie.pngAccording to my teenager-in-training seven year-old niece, girls are more interested in stuffed animals than dolls these days. But the idea of a Barbie MP3 player sure got her attention. “Oooh, Aunt Ba, send me the link,” she said. Note to self: buy Barbie MP3 player for niece.
Sure is a long, long way from the toys when I was a kid!