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Mark Glaser’s latest column in Online Journalism Review looks at various dirty search engine optimization techniques done by companies such as Quixtar to push up positive sites in search results — and push down the negative ones. They’re not illegal, but they’re pushing the envelope of marketing online.
“To put it simply, Quixtar enlisted various people to help create dozens of Weblogs that linked to each other and were filled with positive stories and key words. The idea is to help put these newer blogs at the top of search results for phrases such as “Quixtar success” and “Quixtar opportunity,” while more critical sites such as Quixtar Blog and would drop down,” Glaser writes.
“While PR people and SEO companies look for ways to boost search results for their clients, the search engines have to continually fight various dirty tactics. For each new update of the search engine’s algorithm, SEO folks go back to the drawing board to see how to rig results again.”