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puppies.pngMenu Foods, manufacturer of dog and cat food sold under 80 brands throughout North America is recalling millions of containers of its products while working to determine what caused kidney failure and deaths of many cats and dogs.
A list of recalled brands — which include Eukanuba, Nutro, and Iams as well as food sold under PetSmart, Wal-Mart, Wegmans and other store brands — is available at the Menu Foods website recall page

Menu is saying that the recall is limited to the “cuts and gravy” style foods. 1010WINS says that products all used wheat gluten from a new supplier.
Many commercial pet foods are manufactured by companies like Menu, Royal Cainin and others who sell numerous brands.
Whole Dog Journal reports on dog food manufacturers and rates the quality and ingredients of dog foods.
I supplement Benny Bix’ Solid Gold dry food with raw meat, vegetables, vitamins and minerals because all commercial dog food is processed in a way that destroys nutrients.