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mad_men_drinking.pngAn AdAge article on another topic contains an interesting conversation about the restrictions imposed on the AMC show Mad Men by Jack Daniels, which sponsors and has product placements on the drinkingest, smokingest show around.

No sex after drinking
“They have this whole list of how it [Jack Daniels] can be used,” said the show’s creator, Matthew Weiner. “They don’t want to see people driving. They don’t want to see people hitting each other. They don’t want to see people fighting. They do not want to see people having sex immediately after drinking. You’re sort of like, ‘What is the purpose of Jack Daniels if there’s no sex after it and there’s no fighting after it?’
“I jokingly said to AMC, ‘Would they mind if it was being used to sterilize instruments in an underground abortion?'”