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ipod_dancing.jpgI just got an iPod so I’m suddenly noticing all the other people walking around New York with the white earphone wires coming out of their ears — just like you notice all the blue cars when you get one. So this is my love song to iPod.
David Kirkpatrick at Fortune, notes that iPods make the world go away. And he sure is right. I once heard a comedian say that if the Second Coming happened on a New York subway train, nobody would even look up. And that would go double if they were listening to iPods.
Sometimes, he estimates, as many as 25% of all the commuters on the subway or on the platforms are listening to music, an audio book, or a Podcast.
I was having such a nice time listening to Samba music sent by a friend in Brazil that I rode right past my stop last night.
And unlike cheapo headsets, people next to you don’t hear any of your music through iPod pods. One problem: my right ear seems to be too small for the little bud thingie so it falls out sometimes. But, as my grandmother used to say, that should be my biggest problem.