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oz_ketchup.JPGWhile looking for the name of the character in the Wizard of Oz who wanted to take Toto away from Dorothy ( Miss Gulch, played by Margaret Hamilton) I found out that there is a wonderful Wizard of Oz website and blog. (This photo is from the WOZ blog.) I was looking for that info because I wanted to describe the Miss Gulch of support people whom I had the misfortune to encounter at Time Warner today. He tortured me for hours this afternoon and failed to figure out why my email wasn’t downloading.
“Ah ha! You have a wireless router that isn’t from the company!” he said. “Disconnect it!”
“Delete all your cookies! Clear your cache! Disconnect your firewall Re-install Outlook! Call Microsoft!!” he practically shrieked. “Time-Warner doesn’t support Firefox, Outlook, or the Internet,” he snivelled. “The problem is on your end.”
Of course it wasn’t. It may have been a problem with Outlook. Or not. And after wasting the entire day trying to figure it out, and close to tears, I enlisted the aid of the fabulous Komra Moriko, my friend and colleague, who got my email finally working again. Nobody knows exactly why it didn’t work, or why it does now.
So, I’m back, but I gotta go take Benny Bix to doggie charm school now.
See you on Wednesday. Sigh.