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I’m back. Spent the ENTIRE day doing email triage, wading through 1700+ emails, 90% of which were stuff you simply have to read the day you get it. I subscribe to dozens of newsletters, alerts, and other publications, and if a day goes by with them unread, I might as well trash them. Sad to say, but one cannot read everything, or even try.
Thank you Perry, Adriana, Ashley and Hugh
I was hosted on the trip by Ashley Friedland’s e-consultancy, and I spoke at their online marketing conference at the gorgeous Royal Institute of British Architects. I was given extreme hospitality by Perry de Havilland and Adriana Cronin of Big Blog Company, who invited me to stay at their wonderful house. I also finally met Hugh Macleod, whose friendship I have enjoyed for the past several years. We used to call each other and wonder if this blogging thing was something we should stick with or if we had to get real jobs. Seems amazing now that we’re happily making good livings through blogging.
Loved London, Hated British Airways
I loved everything about London, but the traveling. I flew British Airways business class, and it’s a ruse. What they call a bed, I call a hard, lumpy chair that doesn’t lay flat. The British Aiways first class lounge in JFK is grand and they treat you really well. The British Airways lounge at Heathrow is tacky, tiny, and had lousy food.

A 12-hour ordeal getting home
My trip home was a 12-hour ordeal. BA sure doesn’t know how to deal with Americans. We didn’t find out until we boarded 3 1/2 hours late that they’d had to get a new plane because the first had mechanical problems, and that the truck towing the replacement plane broke down. Then, we were held nearly an hour at JFK for whatever reasons. The trip home became a 12-hour ordeal.
Dear British Airways: It all would be so much more bearable if yoy simply kept us informed and treated us like we had a right to know why you were wasting our precious time. That was my first and last trip on British Airways. British Airways sucks in my book. And hopefully also in Google after this post. :>)
Anyhow, I will be back tomorrow, bright eyed and relatively bushy tailed. Coffeed up and ready to roll. I hope you all had a wonderful week.