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Paul Krugman, writing in The New York Times, notes that traditional media is simply not reporting on the real issues of the election. (Or other real issues for that matter.)
“Mr. Kerry proposes spending $650 billion extending health insurance to lower- and middle-income families. Whether you approve or not, you can’t say he hasn’t addressed the issue.” And he asks, “Why hasn’t this voter heard about it?… When reports mentioned the Kerry plan at all, it was usually horse race analysis – how it’s playing, not what’s in it.”
Instead of covering real issues, he says, TV news turned to trivia that supposedly reveal their personalities. “We hear about Mr. Kerry’s haircuts, not his health care proposals. We hear about George Bush’s brush-cutting, not his environmental policies.”
Not just TV news, but also newspapers and news magazines. And this explains exactly why traditional media is becoming more and more outmoded by the minute. Where are the reporters? Why the hell don’t they have more to say?
Look to bloggers, and cross your fingers.