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million_dollar_key.jpgKim Roach at Lifehack has some great advice in 101 Steps to Becoming a Better Blogger.
One thing that the list makes very clear — being successful as a blogger takes time and dedication as well as talent and a high degree of sticktoitivity. That’s also what it took back in the early 90s, when this cartoon was published. The medium is updated, but there is still no magic formula.
He says he believes that, with a bit of effort, anyone can become a successful blogger.
I strongly disagree. Blogging is a lot of work and it requires strong dedication. There are supposedly 70 million blogs being followed by Technorati, but less than 10,000 of them (and I am being very generous here) have an significant number of readers. To keep readers following a blog over the long term, you have to love writing, love the community that forms around your blog, and love sharing knowledge.
To continue to attract and to keep readers requires writing about topics they want to learn about. I am grateful to those who read my blog, and always open to suggestions on how to make it better. I know you aren’t here just for the fun of it.