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Investor’s Business Daily reports Blogs Bring A Boost To Jupiter Research in what sounds like their first article about blogs, IBD notes that JupiterMedia has found a way to use blogs to boost its business.
David Schatsky, chief of research at JupiterMedia’s Jupiter Research unit, says the big advantage of blogs is the freedom of expression they provide. Jupiter analysts can be whimsical and cutting edge in giving their views on a variety of topics. The company doesn’t edit the blogs.
Still, it’s not exactly anything goes in these blogs. The analysts know the blog is part of their job. Jupiter “asks” analysts to not give away too much of their original research.

Jupiter shows that blogs, once the domain of tech geeks with personal interests or peeves to air, are becoming useful tools for business, marketing and news, says IBD.
Jupiter chairman Alan Meckler writes in his blog that Jupiter “got a nice bit of publicity today from Investors Business Daily” He continues, “This is really about community — something that separates Jupitermedia from most of our competitors in research, media, trade shows and images. We really blazed this blog and community trail and others are trying their hands at the game. But what we have at Jupitermedia is passion from top to bottom — a factor that is missing at competitive companies.”