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Journalist Mark Glaser, formerly a reporter for Online Journalism Review, has launched a blog called Media Shift for The new blog “will track how new media–from weblogs to podcasts to citizen journalism–are changing society and culture.” Presently, PBS does not link to the blog from its website, which is really pretty silly of them.
Explaining why he’s now blogging, Glaser writes, “The truth was that I knew that a blog would take over my life, requiring care and feeding more than the highest maintenance pet. And if it wasn’t screaming out to me for more content, then the Comments section, where readers respond to each blog posting, would be brimming with controversy that I couldn’t ignore.”
Do Blogs Take Over Your Life?
“But now, finally, in 2006, I am ready to turn my life over to the blog. I hope it doesn’t eat my wife and son, chew through my assorted leisure activities, and gnaw on my dreams at night. It helps that — bless their souls, Preacherman! — has offered to finance my vision.” Here’s how to tell if you’re addicted Mark.
He said he’d begun to wonder, “as a journalist reporting a feature story or news story, why do I only talk to the usual analysts and experts? Why are the same people quoted over and over again in all the different news outlets? Are they really that much smarter than you are?”
Beyond the Usual Suspects
So, he says, he plans to go outside the usual sources and provide a service to his readers to help them navigate the changing media landscape.
Mark’s reporting has always been marked by good research and sound writing, so I look forward to reading his blog.
Best of luck Mark! And welcome to the blogosphere, (which Mark describes as “where blogs live, but you can’t take a train there.”) I’ve subscribed to your RSS feed. But could you please think about making your posts a little shorter and using subheads? It’s hard to read those big blocks of type off the screen. :>)